An online Pet Supply Business with a passion for Dogs and Cats


Smiley Dog & Cat Core Values:

1. Provide the best customer service
2. Serve others like we want to be treated
3. Operate the most efficient online business
4. Give the best customer experience
5. Make your pet a Smiley one


Smiley Dog & Cat is a Pet Supply business based in the United States. We are not an all in one store selling hundreds of various different items in numerous categories. Our concentration is in Pet Supplies, particularly Dog and Cat products. We do this because we strive to be experts in this one category and because we actually have a passion for Dogs and Cats. By doing this we not only do what we enjoy the most but more importantly provide the best service and customer satisfaction to our customers that they deserve. Without the customers, Smiley Dog & Cat would not survive. So, from Smiley Dog & Cat we just want to say thank you!

Best Regards
Smiley Dog & Cat